The range is hot!

Are you ready? Get the app that lets you go shooting with your friends – even if your shooting lanes are 5,000 miles apart.

What’s MagSquad?

Shooting is awesome. And it’s better with friends. Whether you’re working on your group sizes or draw times, or just having fun at the range, a healthy competition will make you practice longer and work harder.

And hey, if you’re gonna shell out 20 bucks for ammo, you might as well impress some people while you’re at it.  


Keep your buddies updated on your progress/mad skills, even if you can’t be at the same range at the same time.


Step away from the pad and paper; there’s a better way to keep track of your shooting performance.


Who can shoot a better group? Our app will let you find out – even if you can’t shoot together.

The Man Behind the App

John McCoy

John has been a shooter since the late 1990s. After about 15 years in the tech industry, MagSquad is where John’s passion for technology and shooting come together. John lives with his family in flyover country, and when he’s not learning about Big Data technologies, John is constantly improving his times drawing from the holster.